Activism and Resignation

Activism and Resignation

Andrea Tompa introduces and interviews Hungarian director Arpad Schilling. Their conversation includes discussions of Schilling's latest works Faust I and II as well as Loser, Hungary's political climate and its impact on artists, and Schilling's ever-changing and evolving company Kretakor.


The Work of Art Is a Parasite

The Work of Art Is a Parasite

Lola Arias, co-curator of the international urban intervention project Ciudades Paralelas, talks with Bertie Friedman about reappraising notions of public space and spectatorship. The Buenos Aires-based theatermaker describes the unusual challenges and opportunities she faced when staging interventions in hotels, courthouses, private homes, and other nontraditional spaces around the world.


A Feeling For Risk

A Feeling For Risk

The Director of Yale's World Performance Project addresses the roles of risk and empathy in the organization's work.


Lupa Labyrinth

Excerpts from Labyrinth

"I do not even know if this is all true what I am writing. I only know that the moment it is written it becomes the truth."

This collection of Lupa's journalistic essays reveals a more intimate side of the artist. Writing through the fog of memory, his family relationships and coming-of-age are exposed in a series of "true" hallucinations.


Canonical Improvisations

Canonical Improvisations

PS122's remounting of Ishmael Houston-Jones's dance event THEM questions whether performance can--or cannot--live beyond its original presentation and measures the distance from improvisation to duplication.


Back to the Word

Back to the Word

In this interview, radical Ukrainian theater director, writer, and theorist KLIM discusses his “word-centric” method of staging texts. He explains his meticulous focus on the sounds and meanings of individual words in relation to Ukraine’s vexed political and cultural relationship with Russia and the Russian language.


Maxwell teaser

ADS: Artist's Preface

"I invited friends and friends of friends, gave them five minutes of 'airtime' to tell what they believe. No restrictions; I only asked them to be sincere." Richard Maxwell illuminates the inspiration for and process of creating ADS, printed for the first time in this issue.

Richard Maxwell

Felton-Dansky teaser

Watching the Watchers

In this essay, Miriam Felton-Dansky reviews three recent publications on theater audiences and spectatorship, especially in relationship to new media: The Spectator and the Spectacle by Dennis Kennedy, The Citizen Audience: Crowds, Publics, and Individauls by Richard Butsch, and Modes of Spectating edited by Allison Oddey and Christine White.

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