Diagnosing the Condition of the New Dramaturgy

Diagnosing the Condition of the New Dramaturgy

Polish theater scholar and editor of "Didaskalia" Anna Burzynska reviews New Dramaturgy: International Perspectives on Theory and Practice, edited by Katalin Trencsenyi and Bernadette Cochrane.


Careful of Fireworks

Careful of Fireworks

Helen Cole, artistic director and chief executive of London’s In Between Time Festival, talks about the distinct curatorial strategies required for visual art and performance. Cole explains the evolution and reception of her project We See Fireworks, an installation of audio-recordings.


It’s The Art In Concert With

It’s The Art In Concert With

Helen Jaksch interviews New Orleans theater artist Nick Slie of Mondo Bizarro

about his ongoing projects I-Witness Central City, a site-based experience following

recorded oral histories after Hurricane Katrina, and Cry You One, a performance in

the fragile Louisiana wetlands integrating song, procession, and personal narratives.




Tom Sellar interviews Lotte van den Berg.


My Screens Are Killing Me, or Watching Hurts

My Screens Are Killing Me, or Watching Hurts

In this article, Sue-Ellen Case parses the different modes of spectatorship prompted in audience members by Maria Jerez's The Case of the Spectator, an intermedial performance inspired by pulp-crime novels, Hitchcock films, and midcentury Americana.


Lupa Swies

Excerpts from Trip to the Unreachable

In this interview with Lupa, Beata Matkowska-Swies discusses some of the director's most revered and challenging productions while investigating the methods he employs in his creative process.


Crossing Over

Crossing Over

Sonja Arsham Kuftinec interviews Michael John Garces, author of Los Illegals, on the striations of American justice and the intersection of art making and community engagement.


Shakespeare's 12th Night (Excerpt)

Shakespeare's 12th Night (Excerpt)

why thEn / if I understand nothing and plAy / do you know everything and not plAy

KLIM strips down language in this provocative reimagining of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Using his characteristic technique of rewriting text with a focus on “vowel suspensions,” the Ukrainian writer-director transforms a familiar play into something new.

12th Night5.JPG

Horowitz teaser

Colombia's National Audiences

In theaters and on the streets, from the capital city to rural villages, performance is flourishing in Colombia. Join Adam S.

Bogota street performers
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