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  • The installation works by Hannah Hurtzig and Mobile Academy Berlin showcased in this portfolio of photographs deal with notions of knowledge and with how they are used and transferred in acts of communication in public space. Hurtzig’s Mobile Academy projects explore the rhetorics and gestures of conversation, of one-on-one dialogues, as well as new and old modes of public assembly.

  • Photo: Courtesy of of the Instytut Książki

    On August 15th the world theater lost one of its finest. Sławomir Mrożek, the brilliant, world-famous Polish dramatist, died at the age of 83 in Nice, France, his home since 2008. For international theater-going audiences, Mrożek is most famous for his absurd comedies, two of which, Strip-tease (1961) and the iconic Tango (1965), have been critically acclaimed as modern masterpieces of world drama. In Poland, however, in addition to being known for his playwriting, Mrożek is also highly regarded as a writer and a cartoonist.

  • For Theater’s spring 2013 edition (43:1), contributing editor Ken Reynolds organized a dossier of his photographs of great Shakespeare productions from around the globe. While the project was in press, a new production of The Tempest premiered in Romania, directed by Silviu Purcărete—an artist Reynolds has long been following. Here are his photos of this extraordinary 2012 production at the National Theatre of Craiova. With set and costume design by Dragoş Buhagiar.

  • Romania’s 2012 National Theater Festival honored the directing work of Silviu Purcărete, the master director celebrated for his exquisite visual imagination and sublime renderings of classical repertory. Theater’s contributing editor Ken Reynolds has photographed Purcărete’s work for decades, and he attended the commemoration in Bucharest. Here is a selection of his photographs, spanning Purcărete’s directing oeuvre.