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Theater 44.3

Volume 44, Number 3 of Theater magazine.

What form will theater take, if drama—and even a “show”--is no longer the standard unit of experience? In After the Show, their play based on a 2013 artists’ convening, Robert Quillen Camp and Gavin Kroeber speculate: could theater take the shape of “encounters, parades, meals, businesses, vehicles, protests, games, or vacations” instead of more conventional presentations? 

Also in this issue: Andrew Friedman profiles choreographer Mårten Spånberg and his inventive approaches to contemporaneity. Isaiah Wooden responds to “Radical Presence,” an exhibition on black performance and contemporary art. Jacob Gallagher-Ross reviews the Whitney Museum's “Rituals of Rented Island,” an exhibition dedicated to the remains of New York's '70s and '80s performance art scene. And Sarah Bay-Cheng reflects on performance projects by M. Lamar and David Commander at the 2014 Special Effects festival.