• SŁAWOMIR MROŻEK, 1930-2013
    SŁAWOMIR MROŻEK, 1930-2013
    BY Magda Romanska

    On August 15th the world theater lost one of its finest. Sławomir Mrożek, the brilliant, world-famous Polish dramatist, died at the age of 83 in Nice, France, his home since 2008.

  • I Am Black: (you have to be willing to not know)
    I Am Black: (you have to be willing to not know)
    By Thomas F. DeFrantz

    Contemporary black performance is saturated with experience and complexities that evade easy affiliations or knowings. In his dialogic manifesto-lecture-performance, “I Am Black: (you have to be wi

  • Alice Sheppard’s <Where Good Souls Fear>, Performance Space New York, 2019. Photo: Mengwen Cao
    Open Up
    BY Madeline Charne

    I wanna be with you everywhere (festival)
    Performance Space New York
    April 2019

  • On Algorithmic Theater
    On Algorithmic Theater
    by Annie Dorsen

    This essay was originally published on the blog of Theater Magazine in tandem with the “Digital Dramaturgies” edition (volume 42, issue 2), 2012.

  • The Tempest Photo Gallery
    The Tempest photo dossier
    BY Ken Reynolds

    For Theater’s spring 2013 edition (43:1), contributing editor Ken Reynolds organized a dossier of his photographs of great Shakespeare productions from around the globe.

  • Black Market Photo Dossier Test Gallery
    Black Market Photo Dossier
    By Hannah Hurtzig

    The installation works by Hannah Hurtzig and Mobile Academy Berlin showcased in this portfolio of photographs deal with notions of knowledge and with how they are used and transferred in acts of co